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The Practice

Scrivenger Seabrook Solicitors are solely engaged in the conduct of personal injury litigation and clinical negligence litigation on behalf of Claimants. We do not undertake any other legal work. Our advice is highly specialised.

The practice was originally formed in 1988 and is based near to Peterborough, Cambridge and Bedford in the town of St Neots. We have two Solicitor Directors and two Senior Solicitors. From 2001 onwards the practice has exclusively acted for Claimants and in 2010 became a Limited Company. The firm is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Clinical Negligence Litigation

Clinical negligence litigation may involve potential claims arising from negligent advice or treatment. We pursue claims against:

  • NHS Trusts
  • General Practitioners
  • Dentists
  • Other healthcare professionals

Personal Injury Litigation

Scrivenger Seabrook Solicitors undertake a wide range of personal injury litigation. We deal with large numbers of:

  • Employers’ liability claims
  • Road traffic accident claims
  • Claims for injuries in public places
  • Industrial disease claims
  • Other claims resulting from negligence

Winning Experience

Scrivenger Seabrook Solicitors consider all injury claims. However, we focus on more serious injury claims including claims of utmost severity, such as spinal fractures, head injuries, asbestos-related illnesses and cases of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

We have conducted multi-million pound personal injury claims and have conducted brain injury and spinal injury litigation involving complex future care needs. In the past, we have managed to trace defendants in respect of asbestos exposure going back to the 1950’s and conclude a compensation claim on behalf of the relatives of the deceased 50 years after the date of likely exposure. Within the context of clinical negligence litigation, the firm has concluded cases involving brain injury to children in the sum of £5.4 million and £4.5 million respectively; this illustrates the level of expertise of the firm in dealing with high value and complex cases.

The firm has multi-million pound claims ongoing in both the context of clinical negligence and personal injury work.

Often a case will be settled with our help before the courts need to get involved however we are no stranger to going to trial. We are prepared to assert our clients’ rights to conclusion and we have the experience to do so and are regularly successful in court trials.

How We Are Funded

Public funding (or legal aid as it used to be called) is not available in most claims in personal injury and clinical negligence. It is, however, available in certain limited circumstances involving brain injury claims arising due to negligent birthing procedures.

Essentially we are paid the majority of our fees by our opponents. The general rule is that the costs of a winning Claimant are paid by an unsuccessful Defendant. Scrivenger Seabrook Solicitors are not risk averse. The fact that we have taken many cases to trial proves that. We are prepared to take on cases which other solicitors might reject.

That apart, in the majority of cases Scrivenger Seabrook Solicitors act for Claimants under Conditional Fee Agreements (commonly known as “no win, no fee” arrangements).

In successful cases there is likely to be a provision for some, if not all, of the costs to be paid by the opponent. Whilst a successful Claimant is now likely to have to make a contribution towards the cost, there are regulations which protect the majority of the compensation of a successful Claimant. The effect of the “no win, no fee” arrangement is that solicitors’ costs do not have to be paid if the claim fails. The firm has access to various insurance options in order to cover other costs liabilities such as Court and medical fees if a claim was to fail.

We have a well established relationship with Keystone Legal Benefits Ltd in the field of personal injury work which means that clients can be protected by cover immediately and a similar arrangement in respect of clinical negligence claims through ARAG. Whether or not to offer to pursue a case under a “no win, no fee” arrangement is a matter for the firm to determine in each case.

We are also likely to be able to access funding arrangements in respect of disbursements such as Court fees and medical fees where necessary.

Scrivenger Seabrook Solicitors also act for clients who have what is known as “before the event” insurance cover which is often included as part of a household or motor insurance policy. We can help you to determine if you already have this cover and we have solutions which allow you to choose us to act for you. We will explain how this works. Please do not be put off contacting us if you have existing insurance therefore – an initial call will not cost you anything.

Accreditation & Authorisation

We are Members of:
The Law Society’s Personal Injury Panel
The Law Society’s Clinical Negligence Panel
The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers

We are Authorised by:
The Legal Services Commission for Clinical Negligence Public Funding

We are Regulated as a Recognised Body by:
The Solicitors Regulation Authority under number 548727

Scrivenger Seabrook Limited is a Company registered in England under number 7351036.
Registered Office is at 26 New Street, St.Neots, PE19 1XB.
A list of Directors is available for inpsection at our Registered Office.
Scrivenger Seabrook Solicitors is a trading name of Scrivenger Seabrook Limited.

“Proven experts particularly in high value compensation cases and severe injury claims”


  • Vicki Seabrook
    Vicki Seabrook
  • Marc Folgate
    Marc Folgate
  • Sarah Newcombe
    Sarah Newcombe

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Law Society Personal Injury Accredited
Law Society Clinical Negligence Accredited
Regulated by the SRA
Top Tier Ranking in the Legal 500
Top Tier Ranking in the Legal 500
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Scrivenger Seabrook Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority SRA No.548727. The Solicitors' Code of Conduct 2011 applies to us.
Vicki Seabrook


Vicki was admitted as a solicitor in 1979. She was a legal adviser to the Royal College of Nursing and gained experience as a clinical negligence lawyer with a number of firms before founding Scrivenger Seabrook in 1989 and becoming Managing Director when the firm was incorporated in 2010. Vicki and her dedicated legal team are involved in a wide variety of clinical negligence claims. She specialises in dealing with high value complex cases and has been widely acknowledged by the Legal 500 and Chambers directory as a leader in her field. Vicki recently succeeded in securing a settlement for a child with severe brain damage worth in excess of £8 million.

‘The UK needs expert niche firms like this’, say clients of Scrivenger Seabrook Limited, which ‘goes the extra mile’. The ‘tenacious, realistic and sensitive’ Vicki Seabrook, who is ‘in a class of her own’, secured damages exceeding £1m in a case involving a GP’s maladministration of drugs.”

A quote from The Legal 500
‘The Independent Clients Guide to the best Law firms’

Marc Folgate


Marc joined the practice in 2001 having specialised in personal injury litigation at firms in Northamptonshire and Peterborough. He has been involved in a £2.1 million assessment of damages case in the High Court and has taken a disputed liability case to the Court of Appeal. He now undertakes mainly personal injury litigation for Claimants and also some clinical negligence work. He has a particular specialism in higher value claims such as those involving brain or spinal injury.
Marc is a member of the Law Society’s Personal Injury Panel and has regularly featured on BBC local radio discussions about compensation and liability topics as well as making an appearance on Look East.

“Scrivenger Seabrook Limited ‘consistently punches above its weight, and has a high level of client care’. The ‘particularly adept’ Marc Folgate has ‘insight, intelligence and an impressive client base, and is comfortable running high-pressure and high-value cases – defendants have to think twice before taking him on’. Among many highlights, the team settled a £550,000 catastrophic claim involving regional pain syndrome.”

A quote from The Legal 500
‘The Independent Clients Guide to the best Law firms’

Sarah Newcombe


Sarah is a highly experienced clinical negligence lawyer. She worked as a staff nurse for a number of years before studying law and it was natural for her to enter the field of clinical negligence litigation on being admitted as a solicitor in 1991. Sarah trained and worked with a large firm of solicitors in London before joining Scrivenger Seabrook in 1998. Sarah works exclusively in the field of clinical negligence. Her knowledge of medicine is considerable and she has the added advantage as a lawyer of having practical experience of NHS and private hospital practice.
Sarah deals with a very wide range of clinical negligence claims including Fatal Accidents Act claims, cosmetic surgery, dental claims, orthopaedic surgery and high value claims involving children with birth asphyxia.

“At Scrivenger Seabrook Limited, Sarah Newcombe is ‘always professional, honest, patient and supportive’. Highlights included a £450,000 settlement for negligent foot surgery.”

A quote from The Legal 500
‘The Independent Clients Guide to the best Law firms’